Friday, April 9, 2010

Vote here!

I'm from the Chicago area, home of corrupt politics, so sometimes I vote multiple times on my own polls from different computers or by signing out. Eh, it happens. You've seen our former governor on the Celebrity Apprentice, you know how we roll (JOKING). But this post isn't about me (for once, but I'm sure I'll find a way to make it about me), it's about this super cool list that another blog is compiling (I read about it on Go Fug Yourself, one of my faves), where you can vote for your top ten favorite young adult novels! At the end she'll compile a list of the top 100 young adult novels. So get to voting, and let's hope your faves show up. And hey, comment here and let me know what you put, 'cause I'm nosy.

Here's the link:

Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Poll!

Hottest Man Candy - Part 3!

Jordan Catalano leaned his way into your hearts and stole nearly half the votes! He'll go on to compete with Jake Ryan in the finals of the sexiest men alive.

Now onto our fresh meat:

Bailey Salinger - In sixth grade (before Hanson came out) I had the hugest crush on Scott Wolf and lived for Party of Five. I still love the show and those baby blue eyes and dimples.

Ian Somerhalder - Good Lord this boy is beautiful! Only reason I watched the short lived Dawson's Creek spin-off Young Americans.

Uncle Jesse - As a lifelong Full House fan, I can honestly say now that the show is pretty terrible (I still love it though) but that man can babysit me bed.

Uncle Jesse's mullet - Didn't we all kind of get pissed at Stephanie when she cut it off? That mullet was an art form.