Sunday, March 21, 2010

Yeah, I know

So I took an extended time off to mourn my birthday, I guess. Sue me. Or don't, because I've been blowing all my money on Betsey Johnson shoes and would have to represent myself and got my degree in Psychology, not law. At least I'd look hot, right?

I tried to watch the sequel to Center Stage today, and holy crap, that shit is TERRIBLE. I couldn't even make it through the whole movie, otherwise I would've done a post on it, because trust me, I was making fun of it hardcore. Sandy Cohen and Cooper Nielsen were the only people to return from the original movie. Cooper is still a smarmy show-off who wears too much eyeliner and is such a flaming homo that there is no way any woman could mistake hom for straight, and he did not take is time off between movies to learn how to act, and Sandy Cohen's famed eyebrows are still intact. Oh, and former hockey players who become dancers suddenly develop New York accents halfway through the movie, and girls who get into the dance company order Cosmos from bars, while girls who don't order beers. The rest of the movie is irrelevant. Center Stage is one of my favorite movies, but I didn't expect much from the sequel. Let's just say I wasn't disappointed.

I miss Saturday morning cartoons. Specifically, Disney's One Saturday Morning (hosted by Stacey from the BSC tv show!), with Pepper Ann, The Weekenders, Recess, that one short that was the class pictures that talked that the name is escaping me but I know the videos are on YouTube and I'm just too lazy to look for...I even loved the theme song. So, here you go!