Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Nothing I ever write will ever top this

One of my favorite authors (who actually does not write young adult novels, shocker), Bret Easton Ellis, has done his spin on the BSC. If you've read "Less Than Zero" or any of his other books you'll get the tone of it, but even if you haven't, it's hilarious. I pretty much died of happiness. Here's a link:


Also, please note that the final round of the hottest man candy has started. It's a tough choice. I'm a sucker for blue eyes and guys that lean, so I may go for Jordan Catalano. Who knows?

If you haven't read the BSC prequel yet, get on it! It's written by Ann, so it's not all jacked up concerning the facts (though I read it a few months ago so it may have some details wrong, I can't remember), and even though it's a prequel I thought it seemed like a sweet ending. Kind of like a goodbye to my childhood friends. Now I'm getting all emotional and shit, which totally does not go with the cold-hearted bitch persona I try to portray, so I better sign out.