Monday, July 20, 2009

Lifestories: Families in Crisis

Have you guys ever watched the show Lifestories: Families in Crisis on HBO Family? It's the best shit ever! It's all "true" stories about teens with problems, and at the end the real person it was based on comes out and gives their little PSA. They're all from the early 90's, so you know they're amazing. One time I saw one on a girl with anorexia (played, ironically, by a young Calista Flockhart) and it was the best shit ever. HBO Family seems to have sensed that, and has never played that episode again. Instead they've been playing the one about Brandon the drug addict and the two girls who go to the prom together over and over. The best thing about them is that they're on around the 3am area so there's tons of swearing and stuff in them. Get it together, HBO Family, and put together a little marathon! They're kind of like mini-Lifetime movies with even worse acting. I love them hardcore.

I have the best BSC book ever to do, but will have to wait until tomorrow, as I'm writing this while my nephew naps, and as soon as I start his ass will wake up.

EDIT: Found some videos on YouTube! I've posted links to them in the comments.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Worst blogger ever?

So my big posting bonanza turned into a family emergency bonanza, which then turned into a ton of finals bonanza, which turned into a boyfriend breaking up with me bonanza (he didn't appreciate the cinematic genius that is the BSC movie, so no big loss), which also turned into a I' I'm done with all that shit and ready to get back into the swing of things.

My first order of business is putting up a new poll. I totes thought of the best one while doing my hair: The BSC Books That Never Were. Here are our nominees:

-Stacey and the Burning Sensation
-Dawn and the Big Mac Attack
-Claudia Meets Spellcheck
-Firecrotch Mallory
-Jessi Moves to Harlem

I'd totally read these bitches.

Also, big news! For a few years now I have been scouring thrift stores looking for the SVH board game and the two BSC ones. I am proud to announce that I found the last one I needed, The BSC Mystery Game, at Goodwill for 99 cents, and tackled some children to get to it. My trifecta is complete!

Now I just need someone to play with...