Monday, August 24, 2009

New Poll!

Congrats to Stacey and the Burning Sensation, the BSC book you guys all wanted to read. You guys are all sick fucks. What am I saying, I voted for that one, too. This month and a half-ish's poll is voting on who you think is the hottest man candy. Here are our nominees!

Jake Ryan: Sexy man of Sixteen Candles. Google "Jake Ryan syndrome," I'm convinced I have it. I'd still do him.

Bruce Patman: Rich. Wears a sweater tied around his shoulders. Drives a Porsche with the coolest vanity plate in the history of the world (even cooler than mine). Even more self-centered than Jessica.

Beau Andreas: Open up All That Glitters by V.C. Andrews and gaze upon that fine blonde piece of man. Yum! May leave you while you're pregnant for your twin.

Randy Zak: Still standing by my theory that Randy tucks one back.