Monday, July 20, 2009

Lifestories: Families in Crisis

Have you guys ever watched the show Lifestories: Families in Crisis on HBO Family? It's the best shit ever! It's all "true" stories about teens with problems, and at the end the real person it was based on comes out and gives their little PSA. They're all from the early 90's, so you know they're amazing. One time I saw one on a girl with anorexia (played, ironically, by a young Calista Flockhart) and it was the best shit ever. HBO Family seems to have sensed that, and has never played that episode again. Instead they've been playing the one about Brandon the drug addict and the two girls who go to the prom together over and over. The best thing about them is that they're on around the 3am area so there's tons of swearing and stuff in them. Get it together, HBO Family, and put together a little marathon! They're kind of like mini-Lifetime movies with even worse acting. I love them hardcore.

I have the best BSC book ever to do, but will have to wait until tomorrow, as I'm writing this while my nephew naps, and as soon as I start his ass will wake up.

EDIT: Found some videos on YouTube! I've posted links to them in the comments.


piperrhiannon said...

OMGGGG. I thought I was the only person who fucking loved this series. So many of the actors went on to huge careers, to the point where it's sort of weird. Unfortunately there remain many I haven't seen yet. It always seems to be the one about the kid with liver failure (or whatever it was) who wanted to die at home.

Besides Calista Flockhart, we had Ben Affleck as a football player who took steroids, beat his girlfriend and had a bunch of heart attacks - Grace Zabriskie played his mother, Jorja Fox as the victim of a drunk driver, Adam LaVorgna as a kid with AIDS, Julie Bowen and Lisa Nicole Carson were supporting players in the one about date rape, Isaiah Washington, Reiko Aylesworth, Tovah Feldshuh, Claire Danes...

And the best part is THEY'RE ALL BASED ON SPECIFIC TRUE STORIES. Complete with the real person (assuming they're still alive) or their families speaking to us at the end.

So cheesetastic, so wonderful. I'd love DVDs, but alas, I guess that isn't likely.

Sadako said...

This looks so awesome! I have to watch.

sexy said...

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nikki said...

Is this the series that featured a episode called "What if I'm Gay?" Because in my house we were all over that shit for some reason. We loved it.

"It's not a fag mag! I just want to read the weightlifting articles."

Yeah right, Todd.

piperrhiannon said...

I don't think that's one of them - the token gay LS episode was about lesbians going to prom together.

...whatever that is, though, I WANT TO SEE IT SO BADLY. It sounds hilariously awful.

snappleaddict said...

Did I just get my first porn spam comment?!!? I've really made it big now!

Anyway, I found some Lifestories: Families in Crisis (I LOVE that overdramatic name) eps on YouTube!

Here's the lesbians going to prom ep:

And my personal favorite, the Calista Flockhart bulimia one! I knew I could count on those crazy YT 15 year old anos to post it for me! I should send them a copy of Mirrors Never Lie. Yes, I'm psych major. No, I'm not going to be a therapist (just the world's second analrapist).

And part of the Ben Affleck one:

Everyone vote for this show on!

trappedintheattic said...

We watched that Calista Flockhart one in health class! Ally McBeal was on at the time, and we had too much fun with that episode.