Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Worst blogger ever?

So my big posting bonanza turned into a family emergency bonanza, which then turned into a ton of finals bonanza, which turned into a boyfriend breaking up with me bonanza (he didn't appreciate the cinematic genius that is the BSC movie, so no big loss), which also turned into a I' I'm done with all that shit and ready to get back into the swing of things.

My first order of business is putting up a new poll. I totes thought of the best one while doing my hair: The BSC Books That Never Were. Here are our nominees:

-Stacey and the Burning Sensation
-Dawn and the Big Mac Attack
-Claudia Meets Spellcheck
-Firecrotch Mallory
-Jessi Moves to Harlem

I'd totally read these bitches.

Also, big news! For a few years now I have been scouring thrift stores looking for the SVH board game and the two BSC ones. I am proud to announce that I found the last one I needed, The BSC Mystery Game, at Goodwill for 99 cents, and tackled some children to get to it. My trifecta is complete!

Now I just need someone to play with...


MilkMan said...

Hey now, the title of "Worst Blogger Ever" is taken, thankyouverymuch. Sorry that you hit a rough patch too, but yay for us bouncing back to bring on the snark.

Haha, all of us 80s and 90s nostalgia bloggers should just pick one of your awesome BSC books that never were and write them ourselves. It'd be better than anything AMM's ghost writers would crank out. Dibs on the Big Mac Attack! Or should I say Dibbles?...

Sadako said...

Glad to see you're back! Love the list of BSC titles that weren't (but should be).

poppet said...

Yay - you back! :)
Sorry you were having such problems etc, but yay - happy face you're here again x

blue828 said...

Sorry to hear about your personal troubles, but glad things to seem to be back and track.

I personally like Claudia meets Spellcheck, because then that would mean a 33% loss of personality (my friend Claudia: crazy dresser, loves the junk food, can't spell), and so Claudia would have to amp up both the junk food love AND the crazy dressing in order to make up for her lost third personality trait. I think she'd be up for it though.

Can't wait to read your next snark!

LemurCat04 said...

I think you forgot "Kristy and the Really Confusing Feeling about Mary Anne".

snappleaddict said...

I was trying to think of a good Kristy lesbian one! If I could edit polls (I can't unless no one has voted or they're over), I'd add that one in.

Thanks to all you guys for your support, and MilkMan, I'll write Stacey and the Burning Sensation if you rewrite the ending of the FH ep where they go to Disneyland (The House Meets The Mouse, I believe...yes I'm a loser for knowing that) and have the workers tell Michelle that she's too fug to be a princess and have no one encourage her extreme brattiness.

Which reminds me, my friend had a Full House board game. I can't remember if it was a trivia game or not, but it's mere existence gives me a new thing to search for at the thrift stores. I feel like if I could find the BSC Mystery Game, I can find anything.

nikki said...

Those would make some excellent BSC Fanfics.