Thursday, May 29, 2008

Just like Mohawk Jo!

Well guys, it looks like I'll be on a summer hiatus. I got off my lazy butt and got a job working at the summer camp I went to when I was younger. Not only that, but I'm head female counselor there! I'm only not there right now because I have a wedding to go to. Pretty much my next day off will be the beginning of July. But don't you worry, I'm still spreading the joy of YA 80's books around; I suggested we read excerpts from SVH books on our story hike. Nice.

Now if I could only figure out how to stop making inappropriate comments...


Jenny said...

Live the dream, man. Live the dream. ^_^

(but seriously, I'm so jealous--who didn't want to be a camp counseler after all those super specials? ^_^)

Anonymous said...

Hey! Hope camp is going well & that you're having more fun than the BSC at Camp Mohawk!

Just wanted to let you know that I miss your posts! :)

glittergirley said...

I'm a new reader and I just want to say you are one funny bitch. I'm sad to see that you're currently on hiatus. Hope camp mohawk treats you well. Dont go asking for yellow flowers from logan or piercing your ears. And no lyme disease.

Thanks for making me laugh, I'm adding you onto my reader :)

Anonymous said...

I've been rereading and rereading the past entries because I miss your wit.

I don't want summer to be over, but I want your blog to come back!