Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Poll!

Hottest Man Candy Part 2 is FINALLY here! It comes as no surprise that Jake Ryan totally killed the last poll, so which sexy bitch will win your heart (and panties) this time around?

Jordan Catalano - world's best leaner. Gigantic blue eyes and floppy hair. Writes romantic songs, but they turn out to be about his car. May inspire you to dance to The Violent Femmes when you're over him, which is pretty awesome.

Todd Wilkins - I'm pretty sure Todd's gay. I'd just saying, bitch pretty much only ever wants to hold Liz's hand and she's supposed to be the hottest bitch in Sweet Valley. He and Liz act like they're 80. He turns into a drunk in SVU, though, so I guess he knows how to party.

Zack Morris - ability to stop time, break the fourth wall, and possesses the world's coolest phone? This dude kicks ass. I predict a close race between him and Catalano.

Ben Hobart - hot Aussie ginge. Don't fuck with his card catalog.


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snappleaddict said...

He had my vote, too. He just leans so well!