Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Salute To A Truly Glamorous Ho

I was going to do an SVH book, but then I started shoe shopping online and lost track of time and now there's only about a half hour or so until I have to pick my cutie pie nephew up from daycare, so not enough time. However, I need to discuss something important.

If you have not seen the masterpiece that is Welcome to the Dollhouse, SEE IT. Some beautiful ho posted the entire movie on Youtube, and everyone must watch it. I officially declare today Salute Dawn Weiner Day.

Where do I begin? The elastic waist pants pulled up to her armpits, the footie pajamas, the hair balls, the examining of her hands in the mirror after Ginger the slut ("We gotta tawk.") says she finger-fucked Steve, sawing off Missy's doll's head, the shrine to Steve? I LOVE HER.

So to Dawn Weiner, I raise my cold fishsticks and Hawaiian Punch to you. I will gladly be a member of the Special People Club.

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