Thursday, April 10, 2008

Discard shelf FTW!

My dad made me sit down and actually do my taxes today. He says I'm way late, but I say I'm 5 days early. Oh well. Anyway, I had to run to the library because we didn't have an instruction book for my state one. They ended up being out of them, so I hit up the discard shelf on my way out. They had a few SVH books, but they were all the later miniseries ones where you needed all the books or really boring ones that I didn't want. But, I did find about 5 or 6 first edition V.C. Andrews books, including 2 I didn't already have (I'm restraining myself from picking up every first edition book that I see, since I discovered that I have 3 copies of Secrets in the Morning, among others)! Score!

So I went to the library in the town where I went to high school in. It's big and new and beautiful, and I ran up to the juvenile fiction and happily discovered that unlike my crappy local library, they keep all of their old books. This means tons of BSC, Gymnasts, a few Girl Talk, and my favorite FH Stephanie book that I've been looking everywhere for. Sadly, I only saw one California Diaries book and no Friends Forever. The YA section was quite disappointing, but between the two libraries, I should be able to deal. I only hope the big one is in the same system as the crappy one is so that my card will be accepted!

I think the only reason I'm writing this is because I don't want to study for my test tonight. I'm still holding out the hope that there will be a water or gas leak, or that the rain will be so bad that school will be cancelled. Here's hoping!


athenasmom said...

Oooh, can you review more Gymnasts books?

Also, did you ever read the Bad News Ballet series?

BadKat said...

Ah, procrastination! I know and love it well!!!

Jenny said...

Bad News Ballet! Holy crap, I loved those books! ^_^

I just did my taxes last week. It was horrible. Turbo Tax was a crock and I was still confused. So, after everyone telling me, oh it's easy, it'll take 30 min., I've rebutted with, "You think it's so easy? Do them for me next year!"

abeella1 said...


I loved Friends 4ever! I still own every single one. :)

Please recap them! That'd be awesome!