Saturday, February 2, 2008

Full House Stephanie P.S. Friends Forever

For some reason I either lost or gave away all my Stephanie books except for one or two, and I don't know why. Temporary insanity! I loved this one, but sadly I don't have it any more. However, I feel confident enough to do this from memory. I was going to do one of the ones I still have left, but it's really bad and I don't feel like making myself read it again. Maybe later.

Like MilkMan, who runs the Full House blog linked to the right, I hated Michelle. She was ugly, bratty, annoying, and not funny. I refused to read the Michelle books. I did love Stephanie, though, and going back and watching my Season 1 DVDs (yeah, I like FH a little too much, if that's possible) made me realize that if Jodie Sweetin had laid off the meth she probably could've done some great stuff. Even at 4 or 5 or however old she was, she had great delivery and comic timing. Ooh, and a kick ass perm later on.

So my love of Stephanie led me to her books, and I owned a lot of the early ones. I can say I definitely liked Getting Even with the Flamingoes the best, but this one was pretty cool, too. I think I mostly loved the shirt she was wearing on the front cover. I'd still wear it, because I'm a slave to '95.

Stephanie has a penpal named Kyra, who lives in Georgia. We've never heard of her before, nor will we ever hear of her again, so don't worry. I forget how Kyra makes the money or whatever, but she flies out to visit Stephanie for either a week or 10 days. Damn it, why did I give this away?!!? When she arrives, Stephanie finds that they really have nothing in common, which is surprising because she thought they were practically the same person. Kyra wears the sexiest outfit imaginable on her plane ride, it's a catsuit with a sheer dress over it, and she has a dibble perm. Stephanie feels like a geekburger next to her.

As the time goes on, Stephanie finds out more and more that she and Kyra have nothing in common. Kyra is a vegetarian (because she used to be a fattypants), she hates Pearl Jam (blasphemy!), she wears berets and makeup, and she's a great cook. She cooks breakfast for everyone using these awful Georgia Peach Rice Cakes that Stephanie has been buying because the company is giving away a trip to Georgia (her dad won't send her there because then he'd have to send DJ somewhere, and Michelle to the North Pole to keep Santa company during the summer. Like, haha. Not.), and Steph wants to win so she can go visit Kyra. Ooh, and Kyra has a boyfriend, who she forgot to tell Stephanie about in her letters. Ouch. She ends up having more in common with DJ and Steph is sad.

Stephanie had an upcoming school fundraiser called Skate For School, and she wants Kyra to come with her. Kyra says she can't skate for shit, but gets Steph a semi date with the sexy Brandon Fallow, who she has lusted after forever. Brandon sounds pretty studly, but I'd probably still go for Uncle Jesse. Not if he was my uncle, pervs!

Skate For School prep time! Kyra applies a washout perm to Stephanie's hair, which totally smells like ass. You never do a drastic change right before a big event! Stephanie borrows Kyra's sexified plane ride outfit to wear. Disaster occurs! Brandon spends the whole time skating with Kyra, and Stephanie's head smells awful, while the dress keeps getting caught around her skates. She thinks Kyra set her up and is pissed.

They fight and shit, and I can't remember if they get a patented Dad Talk or not, but they do decide eventually that though they don't have a lot in common, they do both like to write letters and would like to still be penpals. Also, the Skate For School thing was a big misunderstanding because Kyra loves her boyfriend and she just talked up Steph the whole time. Kyra's okay in my book! Kyra has a beret to give to Steph, and she has a Pearl Jam tape to give to Kyra, but they both decide to keep their own gifts instead. They write each other letters to read after Kyra leaves. Oh, and Stephanie wins the runner up prize in the Georgia Peach Rice Cake contest, which is a year's supply of the crappy things. Yuck!

I still like that shirt!


reinydeer said...

Full House books huh, Something else to put on my ebay watch list. I don't know why I never had these as a kid, probably because my parents were poor errr... cheap was actually it, and I got all my books from our crappy library or the goodwill store, and my big monthly purchase with my allowance wasthe new BSC at K-mart. But I digress, I was a full house NUT (and still am) my best friend and I used to call each other after every episode and would quiz each other on facts from the show. (man I was a geek!)

m.p said...

oh man, i'm SO glad you're doing these... i LOVED stephanie tanner. i was never much of a full house fan (because of that godawful michelle) but jodie sweetin was a comic genius! or so i thought at the time, anyway. i used to have some of these books but i foolishly got rid of them all.

ps ignore the, hater. this blog is GREAT.

collybird said...

I don't think Full House was ever shown in the UK (at least I've never seen it), out of curosity last week I watch a few clips on YouTube and I think I'd like it.

I'm considering buying the complete series from Amazon (maybe for my birthday when I've got a lot of free cash floating about).

From what I saw I thought Michelle was cute lol.

snappleaddict said...

collybird - Make sure the DVDs are encoded for your region so you can play them, U.S. is Region 1. Some DVD players are region free, but I wouldn't want you to spend a lot of money and then not be able to watch the DVDs!

Kamala said...

I used to LOVE Michelle, but then again, this was in '97 when I was in second grade and the Olsen twins were starting up their empire with all those movies and TV shows where they played themselves and all that.

Full House itself, though, used to make me cringe, even when I was a little kid. Those stupid feelgood endings! I liked the episode where Michelle lost her memory though, after falling off her horse.

collybird said...

Don't worry snappleaddict I have a region free DVD player. Best thing I ever bought!

snappleaddict said...

I liked Michelle when I was really young because the Olsen twins are less than a year younger than me, so we were on the same level. But since FH started when I was a year or two old, I saw most of the older eps through reruns, and by the time I saw them Steph was the same age as me. Does that make sense? I don't know. Oh well, I also liked Steph because the Stephanie books were the coolest thing to have in my grade school, therefore making it cool to like Stephanie.

collybird - Good! I hope you can find a cheap FH set and enjoy!

TessieBambos said...

I love Full House. Like, even now. My family and I have watched up to Season 4. We are such geeks. :)
Stephanie was always my favourite and I used to have a crush on Uncle Jesse when I first saw it, ha. Michelle USED to be cute until the later seasons. Where did she go wrong?

snappleaddict said...

I'm like an idiot savant with Full House. I can tell you what episode it is within the first 10-15 seconds. I've seen every one at least 20 times, it's sick. I'm a Full House trivia whore. Case in point: the one where DJ and Stephanie put the hole in Danny's bedroom wall was on the other day and I told my friend, "The Tanners' phone number is 555-2424, and Michelle can say it with her eyes closed. The Dad song goes, "Dad, Dad, Dad, he's our dad. He's got a really clean room, and he keeps it that way with a mop and a broom."

Yeah, I'm single.