Thursday, February 7, 2008

Weird ass names

School wasn't cancelled today, so I don't have time to do Petals on the Wind before my night class. I felt like I was cheating you guys out of a post since it's obvious that I'm around because I'm answering all the comments, lol.

V.C. Andrews characters have, among other things, the weirdest names ever. Some of the later series have name I've never even heard of, and couldn't imagine ever inflicting on my child. So, I've compiled a list of the most unusual names in the books. Let me know if you actually know someone who is named that.

-Normal names! Well, Garland is a little odd, but not too bad. I always wondered, though, was John Amos's name two first names and we didn't know his last name, or was his last name Amos? They always called him John Amos, so I guess it would make sense that it was his first name, but whatev.

My Sweet Audrina
-All not that common, but not unheard of.

-Fanny - though I've heard it before, I think it's cruel to name your daughter after a synonym for ass. No wonder she was such a ho.

-Ormand (which shows up a billion more times in various series)

-Gisselle - I've heard it before, but I have to say I would never name my daughter that because of the possible nickname that could be given. Jizz Dumbass!
-Pearl seems like a grandma's name.

-All good!

-Beetle Bug (the hitcher they pick up says she has a friend who named her kid that)

-Star is sort of unusual

-Ainsley (boy)

Shooting Stars
-It all went to hell here...3 of the 4 main characters have weird names!


Broken Wings
-Ainsley (girl)

-Panther...what the hell?

-Palaver...but it's a nickname

-This one seems to use pretty common names, like Karen, her daughter Alice, etc. The only one that's slightly unusual is Zipporah, but I've heard it before a few times.

Also, there seems to be a Beneatha in almost every series! I looked up the names from


nikki8907 said...

Where do writers come up with this stuff? Ainsley is pretty cute, but Belva and Beetle Bug??!!

It's funny, I told my mom about your review of Flowers in the Attic(she's a big VC Andrews fan), and she wants me to get hooked on the books. So not only am I going to read Flowers in the Attic because it sounds so awesomely freaky, but because my mom says I have to ;) .

Kamala said...

I know an Ainsley, but she's a girl; I've also met an Asher (boy), short for Ashley. As for heaven, apparently the name "Nevaeh", ie heaven backwards, is rising in popularity as a girls' name. Um, WTF? Why subject your child to this?

UneFemmePlusCourageuse said...

Who the heck names their child after a ferocious big cat? What, do you want it biting your arm off or something?

snappleaddict said...

I'm totally going to make my kids read VCA books. And BSC. They will learn to appreciate fine literature!

I was totally thinking about Nevaeh when I put down Heaven! I hear that dumb name all the time when I'm watching paternity tests on Maury.

As for Panther, I can't even tell you what went on in that book because I was too busy thinking, "Panther? What the FUCK?!!?"

Juanita said...

Zipporah! That's insane. I do have a cousin named Cinnamon though, so I've always liked that name.

I have a cousin named Nevaeh, and I hate it. Seems most of the people who do like it are relatively uneducated, probably high school dropouts . . . just saying.

miss-myu said...

"-Fanny - though I've heard it before, I think it's cruel to name your daughter after a synonym for ass."

Ahem - in British English it's a synonym for a, er, ladygarden. Yep, there was much shock when an American friend of mine mentioned the term 'fanny pack' to me.

maebetonight said...

I know a guy whose name is Asher... he's married to a girl named Douglas.

miss myu- haha, "ladygarden" has to be the best euphemism ever.

snappleaddict said...

Wow. Naming your child vagina is way crueler than naming your child butt!

Amy said...

Aww- crap. I totally wanted to name my daughter Nevaeh, but now that it's becoming popular, I might say f* it.
I have heard of the name Ainsley, and I actually like it- but I don't know anyone with the actual name.
One of the worst names I have ever heard of is DORKUS... Yes- it's pronounced DORK-US. WTF?!?

Michelle said...

I've known several Heaven's and more than one Nevaeh, a Cinnamon, a Starr, a couple Honey's, a Giselle. ^_^

boo! said...

Zipporah is a biblical name. She was Moses' wife. Catholic school education woooo.