Saturday, February 2, 2008

New poll!

According to The Complete Guide to the Baby-sitters Club, Watson works for some insurance company. I don't buy it. How do you guys think he really made all his millions?

Did he sell Vietnamese babies on the black market? He and Kristy's mom seemed to have gotten Emily Michelle pretty fast, unlike the thousands of other potential adoptive parents who have to wait sometimes for years.

Does he do drug deals in the Junk Bucket? How else did the car get its name, haha.

Did he inherit his money? If Ben Brewer haunts the third floor, the mansion has to have been in the family for awhile.

Finally, does he pimp out Stacey? Stacey has dated just about every guy in Stoneybrook. I can totally imagine her in the outfit Julia Roberts wears in Pretty Woman. It's dibbly slut-tastic. I bet you can buy it at Zingy's.

Voting ends on March 1st!


MilkMan said...

Hahaha, I LOVE the new poll! It was hard for me to choose just one answer, but I went with pimping out Stacey.

As for blog haters? Tell them to suck it. Who gives a shit if there's more than one BSC blog, do they even know how many freaking books there are!?!? There's enough for like 5 blogs. And I love Tiff and her commentary is top notch, but lately she's been more sporadic in her updates so it's nice to have another blog that I can check that constantly delivers great entries!

snappleaddict said...

I am such a loser that I have been thinking about this poll topic for about a month. I just always wondered how Watson became a millionaire, because it never said in the books I had (1-60).

I started this site because I love reading everyone else's blogs about books and shows I liked as a kid, but I'm too impatient to wait. I know that people have jobs and lives and stuff, but I don't so I figured I could run my own and update frequently and also write about all sorts of stuff I remember. I was really hurt at first by the nasty comments, but now that they've said more and I've come to the conclusion that they're dumb, I feel better. In fact, I thought about having a BSC Book of the Day, just because I'm a bitch.

Skowl Fiction and Poetry said...

Either inheritance or drug deals :P