Sunday, February 3, 2008


I just won a lot of 10 Girl Talk books on Ebay for 99 cents! I really really wanted to do a post on my favorite one, but it had been given away. So I checked Ebay and found it, and others that I also loved! Woo! I can't wait until they arrive!

Here's what I won:

#2 Face Off
#3 The New You
#6 The Ghost of Eagle Mountain
#10 Falling in Like (Billy totes looks at least 35 on the cover, with a 13 year old's body)
#11 Mixed Feelings
#12 Drummer Girl
#13 The Winning favorite!
#15 On the Air
#22 Problem Dad
#23 House Party

I'm so excited! Do you guys remember the Girl Talk board game? I think there may have been a few versions of it, because I remember one of my friends had one where you had to put zit stickers on you, and another friend had a different one, I think.


collybird said...

I remember the zit stickers!

nothingtolose19 said...

Haha, Awesome! I have the board game with the zit stickers. I loved Girl Talk :)

Juanita said...

I loved Face Off! Katie and the cute skater boy . . . what was his name, Scott? Scottie? I wanted a boy just like him. Anyway, I had the Girl Talk truth or dare game with the zit stickers, but I don't know what happened to it - my mom probably threw it away.

Lauren said...

I remember hating all four girls... well, three, I don't think I minded Katie. The other three made me crazy.

I ordered several of them from some book fair thing when I was in middle school, I think, and one came with a book of advice called "Ask Allie" with fake advice column letters and "Allie's" answers. I was 12 years old and rolling my eyes out of my head at the advice in this book... I wish I could find it, I must have given it away. Or thrown it away, more likely.

snappleaddict said...

Maybe there was only one version of the game and my other friend just lost the zit stickers. Who knows? It sounds like I was the only one denied the pleasure of owning this game, though!

My mom first picked up 3 of these books from a dollar store, and I love them so much. At one time I had almost all of them, because our library had an almost fullo set on the discard shelf, but I gave them away like a dumbass. I loved Sabrina and her crazy outfits.

cassandraclue said...

i loved these books. if i could find a way to fit these books into my blog, i totally would. too bad mine is restricted to bsc-related subjects only. I never got into svh, but girl talk was totally my second love. I like how just because these books were set in Minneapolis, everyone was obsessed with Prince.

amanda said...

I had the zit sticker one, and another, newer version where you had cards with adjectives on them, and throughout the game, you had to give them to the player that they best described. The rest of the game was still the same truth or dare version though. Another Girl Talk game that I remember was called "perfect match" or something like that. It was some sort of Dream Phone-esque dating game.