Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Super Magic Diary!

Sometimes when I'm bored I search around on Ebay for toys I used to have. Tonight I happened to find the Dear Diary electronic diary. Remember that thing? It was light purple and had swirly things on it. Everyone who was anyone in my 5th and 6th grade classes had one. I wanted one so bad, and was so happy when I received one for Christmas. Man that thing sucked! You couldn't use it in class because it beeped every time you hit a button, the password could only be 4 letters long, and it had basically no memory. I actually still have it, mostly because I can't get rid of anything from my childhood...*guiltily looks at the stacks of BSC and SVH books on shelf*...

Anyway, the Dear Diary sucked, so the next year for Christmas I set my sights high on Casio's My Super Magic Diary. Now that thing was cool! You could mute the sound so you could play with it in class, it had a pet dog you could raise from a puppy, then make it go on a date when it was an adult and if the date was successful you'd get a new puppy, a wardrobe planner (so I could keep track of what colors of spandex pants I was wearing that week), a fortune teller, and the ability to send messages to other My Super Magic Diaries. I do recall my friend Jenny having just a plain old Magic Diary and we'd try to send messages, even putting our diaries right up next to each other, and they never worked. That sucked, but what sucked more was that mine died some time after that and refused to turn on again. I had the battery changed and everything, and it still wouldn't work. I guess I shouldn't have been cocky about the fact that I had the Super Magic Diary and not just the Magic Diary.

I'd totally still play with My Super Magic Diary if it worked. Also, if I can locate my Tamagotchi (everyone had one in 6th grade, I had to be put on the waiting list at our local Toys R Us), I will totes play with it in class. I can't help it, chocolate chip shaped poo amuses me.

What toy was the shit in everyone else's adolescence?


Rebecca said...

I have a Dear Diary from Tiger. It's long and purple. I got it as a gift. I used it for years but one day it just got stuck and eventually the batteries drained out.

BurtonFanatic said...

I loved loved loved my gem doll with the earrings that flashed.
I was also way too attached to my yellow skip-it in 2nd grade. I know there were a ton more, but I can't think of them off the top of my head.

Anonymous said...

Popples and GloWorm.

snappleaddict said...

Ah, Jem. I never had her doll, but I did have a book. She was truly outrageous, if I recall correctly.

I had a neon pink Skip-it, and I guess I did it backwards or something because my counter always went backwards. One day I was furiously skipping in my garage, and the ball on the end just flew off. It sucked.

I had a Popples duffel bag, but I can't remember if I actually had any of the toys. I do still have my GloWorm, though.

tropicana said...

hi, stumbled upon your blog when i started searching for "CASIO My Magic Diary" on google. I used to have one.

Other toys that I love from before, any Polly Pocket toy, Caboodles and Creepy Crawlers.

Sure miss the old days. :-)

snappleaddict said...

Welcome! I had a buttload of Caboodles, the actual ones, a necklace that had a mirror, lip gloss, and a comb on it, and a doll playset. I totally forgot about those!

M said...

I've been looking for something about my secret magic diary, I used to love those! My sister and I had them and they could send messages to each other in pre-IM days. I wanted to write about them for my blog but I couldn't find much about them outside of what you wrote!