Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Teeny Update

First off, sorry my posting is so erratic. I guess the only thing I can say as far as a set update schedule is that I will try to post every day, but Wednesday and Thursday I have night classes, so it's pretty certain I won't be able to update then. Also, I may lag on the weekends.

Second, I changed the end of our poll for Queen of Lameness to February 1, so that it won't drag on and on. I'm thinking I may do a different poll each month, but I could change my mind, who knows.

Third, most of my posts for a bit will be about books, because I took out a bunch from the library and I want to post about them before I have to return them, lol. Also, our Queen of Lameness will have a special post on February 1, with a book that demonstrates their lameness to the best of their ability.

Big shout-out to the Full House blog linked on the right for mentioning here, thanks a million!

And finally, I have a few more pages to go on my next book, and then I will be posting a real update, so keep checking!

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